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Odia Kohinoor Calendar 2022 PDF is a popular calendar and Sankhipta Panjika is followed by most of Odisha. This calendar and panjak was created by Pandit Sri Krushna Prasad Qadiratna. This calendar has been used in Jagannath Temple for 86 years.

Like Gregorian calendar, Kohinoor Odia calendar has twelve months and these are - (1) Baisakha (2) Jyestha (3) Ashadha (4) Srabana (5) Bhadraba (6) Aswina (7) Kartika (8) Margasira 9) Pausha (10) Magha (11) Phalguna (12) Chaitra.
The Odia 2022 calendar has been the traditional way of keeping time since ancient times. Over time, many changes were made to the Odia calendar according to Odisha's regional position. Many Hindu calendars are used, especially in different regions of the country. Apart from the names of the twelve months, each Odia calendar is slightly different from one another. The calendar consists of a solar calendar and a lunisolar calendar.

Hinduism or Odisha Dharma is full of diversity. According to the Odia Kohinoor 2022 calendar (Panchang 2022), a list of all the fasts and festivals where the moon in 2022 looks like this. Among the many changes to the Odia calendar is the general translation of the Odyssey calendar, which is used as the national calendar. All major festivals and holidays are included in this calendar. The names of all months and their respective zodiac signs are also shown, such as - Chaitra (Aries), Vaishak (Taurus), Jishtha (Gemini), Ashad (Cancer), Shravan (Simha), Bhadrapada (Virgo), Ashvin (Libra) , Kartik (Scorpio), Margashirsha (Dhana), Pausha (Capricorn), Magha (Aquarius), Phalgun (Pisces).

Here we have divided the list of festivals and fasting in 2022 according to Odia Kohinoor 2022 calendar by month. You will get help knowing which festivals and which posts will be here in 2022.